Mayor Binay’s Official Statement


Photo from Inquirer.net

Junjun Binay is slumped over his desk. Reading article after article that came out once the Inquirer’s explosive headline hit the internet. His aides surround him, encouraging him to fight, throwing him their “support” (whatever that means). Like most Filipino leadership teams, they are Yes-Men all the way.  Loyalty and harmony are valued over candid opinions and intense debates.  

I’ve met Junjun a few times – in our barangay, and in our Rotary meetings, where he would give his annual State of Makati presentation. He never personally struck me as arrogant. Aloof, perhaps. Tentative at times, maybe. But when asked pointed questions about  public policy, he seems familiar with the challenges facing the city.

Assuming I was in city hall and if I were asked to help respond to this quagmire, here’s what I would do.

“Junjun, we gotta get out there. This is gonna be a bloodbath,” I say.

“But I didn’t do anything wrong,” he replies, his faced mixed with fear, confusion and anger.

“Sir, with all due respect, it doesn’t fucking matter now. Malacanang’s political engine is gonna hang you for this. There are talks that they’re gonna send Mar over. They’re gonna use this to deflect attention from Tacloban. The last thing we need is Mar swinging around his cock in city hall. If he does try that, we gotta make sure public opinion is on our side. And that people will see it as Noynoy firing the opening salvo for 2016.”

He looks surprised. “We have the support of Makati residents.”

“This isn’t about Makati. They’ll blow this into a Binay thing. Your dad will be hanged. Your sisters will be hanged,” I reply.

“Ok, what do we do?”

“You say sorry. You put your face out there. Take Joey Salgado off the game. Stop making Nancy issue statements on your behalf. At this point, you should be doing the talking. And we should be doing it fast. We issue as statement in the next hour.”

“WTF? Why would I do that? It’s like I admitted that I was wrong,” he looks pissed now. But inside, he feels the urgency.

“It doesn’t matter. Everyone already wants to chop your balls off. Your back is against the wall, with the knife near your pants. You’re pleading to their sense of decency. You’re pleading for sympathy. Look, if Clinton got away after that intern fling and came out the bigger man – no pun intended, Jun – then you can too. But you gotta man up.”

“Okay, so what do I say?”

“I’ve written the speech. Here’s what it looks like”:

“Thank you for giving me this chance to speak my mind. I can feel the immense anger directed against me. And I know that what I say right now will unlikely change your mind. But I owe it to everyone to respond.

So I’ll make this quick. I’m only going to say three things:  

The first is that I am deeply sorry. I’m first and foremost sorry to Sirs Vergilio, Dionisio, Jofl, and Elpidio for getting them involved in this. You gentlemen were simply doing your jobs, and you don’t deserve to be caught in the middle of city hall and your village association for a personal mistake I made. It shouldn’t be your agency apologizing. It should be me. 

To my constituents, please accept my deepest apologies. It doesn’t matter whether I explain in detail what exactly happened that night. What matters is the way  my behavior will be judged. And upon deeper self-reflection, I could have definitely handled things better. This is what I should have done: I should have just instructed my convoy to turn back. I shouldn’t have alighted the vehicle and made a fuss about it. Perhaps that added to the agitation of my staff, who understandably just wanted to do their jobs. I should’ve just let it go. My time as your servant is worth more than a protracted spat about a random gate. 

The second is that I understand. I understand how this looks like from your point of view. I understand that despite whatever I say, this will be seen as an example of me abusing my position and throwing my weight around. I understand that just by watching the video, one may conclude that my party harassed and intimidated the village guards. I understand that by bringing in the Makati police and asking the village guards to go to city hall, one may argue that I’ve curtailed their rights for no apparent reason. 

I understand that in light of the insane politics of this country, the intense scrutiny of public officials, the public disillusionment, and the dying trust in government officials, I should have acted with more prudence, more caution, and more reflection. I should have made a stronger effort to be more self-aware on how my actions as a leader will be perceived. 

The third is that this experience taught me how much more I have to learn. This is my first term as mayor. And I admit, gaining experience is still something I work on everyday. I realize that the root cause of my unwise behavior is my own hubris. 

In my genuine desire to project an image of maturity, strength and experience, I end up being overly-aggressive and wanting to unnecessarily prove myself.

I’ve come to conclude that the best way to fight the hubris is to be constantly in touch with reality – with the people on the ground. When I lost my wife, I lost my moral compass. 

So this is what I’m going to do: I’m going to surround myself more often with people from diverse parts of our city. Life in Makati can be a bubble. Makati isn’t Ayala Avenue. Makati isn’t City Hall. Makati is where almost 1 million people work to build a better life. Makati is the saleslady in SM wondering if her 6-month contract will be extended. Makati is the MAPSA traffic enforcer working under the noontime sun. Makati is the customer service specialist who, at 2am, is making sure her client in New York gets her flight tickets on time. Makati is the entrepreneur working out of an incubator in 55 Paseo de Roxas, quietly building innovative products for the world.  

Makati is the shining example of what the rest of the Philippines can be. And I have an immense responsibility to learn from my mistakes and be the best leader that i can be. This is my promise to you. 

Thank you very much.”


The goal is to ensure that Junjun comes out of this a better man. And be perceived by people as the better man. One should also note what this hypothetical response does NOT communicate:

  • It doesn’t disparage the Inquirer report. People are smart enough to know that media distorts as much as politicians do.
  • It doesn’t mention the VP. The message has nothing to do with the family. This was a lapse in personal judgement, and that keeping away the family is what’s best for everyone.
  • It doesn’t seek to antagonize DVA or its residents.

It’s Christmas. People just want to forget about politics and enjoy the break. People are more open to forgive. If Junjun’s communications team were smart, they’d do this. At this point, a disarming, unexpectedly sincere apology – a rarity in this government – may just stem the tide.

I’ve been a jerk to guards before. Sometimes we just get trapped by our own egos. But I’m lucky to have honest friends who cared about me and spoke up about my condescension. Junjun needs honest friends too.


45 thoughts on “Mayor Binay’s Official Statement

  1. Daniel Obispo Desembrana says:

    Convenient humility. Nice try. Wont fly. Just let the Mayor stay true to himself so we can save ourselves from leaders like him. That’ll be much appreciated. Thanks!

  2. mik says:

    “I’ve been a jerk to guards before. Sometimes we just get trapped by our own egos. But I’m lucky to have honest friends who cared about me and spoke up about my condescension. Junjun needs honest friends too.”

    wow he is a mayor and you are simply saying that he has to depend on his honest friends to guide him? he is not a child anymore, he is serving his country not the other way around.

    Now, if you are helping your friend because of the fact that the political rivals will take advantage of the situation, not because of the wrong deed by the supposed to be mayor of makati, you must be nuts! you people are just toying with the filipino people. we don’t want to be in part of your political games.

  3. Angel Mercado says:

    This should be the biggest lesson for all politicians who think they are the law and above the law. You the politician should remember that you are a public servant and not a master for all. Yes you give orders and people who serve you say yes sir. We the people who voted for you should hear yes sir from you. I totally agree to the speech mentioned for Junjun. Will he be using it though? It’s the perfect remedy for the situation. Humility is a virtue that most Filipino politicians are lacking of. Good luck Junjun.

    • Thanks, Angel. In general, I’ve gotten 2 kinds of reactions to this hypothetical speech of the mayor:

      1. This is good advice. He should follow it.
      2. This is dick advice – it’s just more deception and manipulation of the people.

      I guess it boils down to authenticity – does the message match the perceived character of the person? Can people relate to him on a human level? These reactions also reveal how people believe politics should be run. Should people be completely true to themselves or is there some degree of positioning & ‘branding’ involved? The answer, like most things in life, lies somewhere in the middle. To believe the former is foolish naivety. To rely on the later is to discount the ability of people decipher intentions.

  4. Bryan says:

    It’s people like you that makes this country rotten thinking that just by saying sorry will be enough! And this Junjun moron thinks he had done nothing wrong? If a simple rule such as this he is stupid enough to break then what can the people expect from him? If there is really an urgency/emergency involve is it not better to just turn their vehicle around and proceed the other way instead of showing his face and pointing fingers at the ‘brave guards’ who has more balls than all of them combined there because they are doing their jobs correctly no matter who’s the power drank bastard thet are dealing with! And if you are sayinv that this is a demolition job he should have thought of that happening before his hencemen pointed guns and took out powerful firearms! Clearly sorry is not enough!

  5. There are two things in this world that cannot be changed: one, other people and two, the past. What has been done cannot be undone. People change when they become enlightened of their mistakes and resolve to change. So if Jun-jun has realized his mistakes, he will take your good advice, then and only then will he deserve the people’s votes. BTW, there are also tow things that can be changed, one, ourselves and two, the future. So if we change our old ways today, tomorrow we become new people, no more corrupt and evil officials to rule our paradise.

  6. Jose Dela Pena says:

    It is not the first time he showed arrogance and his perceived entitlement. He still keeps his wang-wang everytime I see him pass by our office. Not only him but also her two sisters, the congresswoman and the senator (I don’t have to mention his dad since it’s already obvious). He also said, like a play ground bully to a foreigner in the basement parking of Rockwell that he owns Makati.

    I doubt if these social media outcry is due to Malacanang’s machinery. They don’t have to spend a cent. These are the voices of the tax payer’s money.

    I don’t blame people when they comment that God forbid a Binay Presidency, and if ever that happens, let’s all pack up and migrate.

  7. He can come up with that statement, yeah. But people who really know what our lousy government is made of will not even want to digest whatever the context of that statement is. We all know it’s just a statement. Actions will always speak louder than words.

  8. Rey Charles says:

    Your attempt is futile. Whatever your agenda may be – for all we know you may have benefited or still is benefiting from Binay’s spoils – it won’t lead us to sway our opinion. We are not stupid and certainly are not blind to this family’s style of management (or mismanagement). Get over it, otherwise prepare to have your head on a plate like the person you’re wrongfully trying to protect.

  9. Chaplain says:

    I hope he, junjun comes across this blog. Anyway the write up intends to build the person and probably also wanting to be an adviser to mayor. As to the advaie Well it sounds acceptable if not including the initial attacks on the “already” advisers. And of course, the personality and values of the mayor must be placed in the equation. Growing up in a VIP family we hope he still has the humility of a servant to be able to pull that through. I he didn’t do it the first few weeks then i don’t think he will still do it. And yes every politician needs a “no sir” person as much.

  10. Mike Lim says:

    If he does go with this, people have to see him walk the talk. He needs to lead by example so that all the public servants under him will follow suit. Only then can we say that he is a true public servant.

  11. Carl Chunks says:

    “Lapse in judgement”, I like that. And although I for one openly attacked his actions online for this incident, I personally think, IMHO, that a public apology is not only necessarily, but also to reassure the people of Makati, and the Philippines, to know that even if he is the Mayor, he is still all too human as well, and can still make mistakes. This hypothetical apology sounds just about right, And people that would not give this man another chance to prove himself would be the people who are just as bitter to themselves as to the rest of the world. I also believe that honest friends is what he does need, even if you say that he is already an adult and can make decisions for himself, as from what this incident has shown, personal decisions aren’t always right. I’m not a big Binay fan, but if Junjun can make this move officially, even though it’s a tad bit late, an apology is still an apology, and one way or another, it will bring some peace to some, maybe not to all, and it will also give him at least some peace of mind.

  12. Armand T. Fabella says:

    Junjun, just be humble by acknowledging that you got a lapse of judgment by not going to the other gate as per policy of the DVA. Apologize personally to the security guards who were just doing their duty. And commit yourself to be a better, more mature leader after learning something from this humbling experience. Then move on. Together with the large majority of Filipinos, we can forgive you and put our confidence on you again.

  13. Kay says:

    It’s actually a politically good advice. Unfortunately, he should’ve done it a day or 2 after the incident. It’s too late now. The damage has been done. The best thing he can do at this point is to shut up. It was his fault so let him suck it all in. I hope he’s learned his lesson and I hope WE have learned ours and remember it during the next elections.

    God Save the Philippines (from vultures)!

      • YerDadinas says:

        Yes, totally agree, what is done is done! So better watch out next election one by one, Binay’s political dynasty will be removed from government seats. We can’t be decieved now by decievers, because we already seen all wrong things they do.

  14. Loyd says:


    Their family is one good example of those making a living out of their positions in the government. Let others have their chances in the office and I’m sure they’ll do a better job than these non-learned leeches.

  15. Lexander Ang says:

    This man does not deserve his position. He and all the bad eggs (including Bullshit Aquino) in the government better go fuck themselves up. No amount of explaining will work anymore. Many of us citizens have already had it with this crap. The longer people like him are there, the more these political dynasty trapos perpetuate themselves.

    Whether somebody is a friend or relative of mine, I have to be brutally honest with them if ever I don’t like what they are doing or when entrusting them with something.

    Let Junjun speak on his own and not let somebody else do it for him. I’d like to call that a dumbass manuever in his part.

    Support of the Makati citizens? support my smelly ass! do not dare talk in behalf of the citizens. There are countless people you don’t know who want you taken down. Or perhaps the brainwashed masses is being specified?

  16. Selwyn Clyde M. Alojipan says:

    I don’t think Junjun is mature enough to apologize. If he was, he would have known that was the first thing to do. Instead he kept silent and let his father and his sister speak up on his behalf. That’s cowardly. He can only speak up against ordinary citizens who are doing their normal jobs while he is irritably inconvenienced and is surrounded by his personally hired thugs. He even orders the police to investigate the security guards who are just performing their jobs. If he’s not afraid, he can try going around town without a coterie of praetorian guards and start talking to people sincerely without having them arrested. Can he do that? I’m betting he can’t.

  17. Mason says:

    I question his sincerity with his statement and I totally agree with Daniel Obispo Desembrana. My suggestion to Mayor Binay is to refrain from using his nickname from this day forward. “Junjun” is synonimous and/or often linked with immaturity, inexperienced and so on. I wish you the best.

  18. Nicolas C. Aliño says:

    Any apology now would seem and appear as an “after thought” and insincere, esp., after that advice has been read…remember Gloria’s “I am sorry”? Nobody took her seriously!

  19. Vince P says:

    . Its like giving a gun with live bullets to a kid who has no experience in handling a gun and no responsibility.. Learn to obey and respect all the rules in life..
    .You cant blame mass people for judging you wrong because right now thats what they see.. You have so much to prove before people will forget all of your mistakes now…. It can still be done.. repair can still be made but you need to double the hard work now..Prove and gain their respect show the people despite of your mistake you made, you are worth keeping….

  20. Smith Black says:

    Ipagpaumanhin po ninyo ang paggamit ng ko ng kolokyal salitang, sabi nga ng mga matatanda “mas mararamdaman mo ang epekto gamot kapag mapait.”

    Salamat po ulit.

  21. Babes says:

    Oliver, yeah sure, your hypothetical apology might save the mayor, but by doing so, you become an accessory to the mayor in fooling the people. You clearly stated that the goal is for the mayor to be PERCEIVED as a better man. Please, i hope you don’t get to be another government officer, otherwise, you may project a better man but doing otherwise!!! 😦
    However, if this hypothetical apology will not be used, then you have served the people better, since you have clearly shown here that Binay is NOT at all the good person he ought to be!!! You should pray that Binay will not use you, lest you go with him in hell. 😦

  22. Airwolf says:

    Oliversegovia, this you speaking in behalf of the Mayor but not the Mayor. You can say that having a honest friend must advise this but this is just like a script in a movie not coming from the heart of a true sincere person. So this is not good, this is just a joke no truth in it even Junjun use it. The best thing to do is end the Political Dynasty and also you as a friend benefited from him that’s why you want to save his ass…

  23. 1 says:

    Damage Control is normal reaction for big corporations if they screw up. In this case in the guise of a “Public Official”. This stop gap measure is your job, like the guards had a job to fulfill. it’s just that, theirs is more honest & decent..I guess not the same as your 9-5. You gotta do what you gotta do right? Sucks for you coz, it’s pretty flagrant & obvious that this mayor screwed up, & caught on film. It’s kinda hard to come off this allegation mang. You’re banking on the fact that thru this admission people would be more forgiving coz, coz, he’s only human after all right?…& to compare him to Bill Clinton??? Brutha, totally not right. That was totally different. Think about it??? Anyway, sure hope this will not go & drag as-usual…& this is a glimmering of what might be. To say that the family’s not part of this? You think he’s dad was gonna make him lose elections back then?? Common mang be realistic, you know that all these are intertwined. I know you trying to lessen the impact on things by making this happen. But personally, I’d rather take a chance on some other corrupt official that has more class & finesse hahaha kidding.Good luck with trying to make the people understand that this was a “small” mistake by a “normal” fella.
    And that bodyguard who was cocking his gun? And was caught on tape? Dude seriously?!, I wouldn’t entrust my life with that dumbass. First of all he wasn’t even cocked & locked. If shit hits the ceiling they’d be in shits : )…anyway. I’m going off topic…which I guess is part of your plan if this went thru : )…usual dance mang : )
    It’s always Lovely in the Philippines : )

  24. Get rid of the convoy, project the highest level of statemanship if he is the man of the people of Makati. Be the servant and not the master he is, winning an election doesn’t entitle anyone to enslave and be above the law. Saying sorry will never be enough … Do the right thing.

  25. ABE says:

    Excellent advice from a PR perspective. But obviously too late. The Binays’ knee jerk reaction to the criticism is telling – they view themselves as beyond reproach even in the most damning of circumstances ( in this case the video). It shows that they feel entitled to servitude and kowtowing from the public,underlined further by the mayor’s sister’s inane interviews saying the matter has been forgotten ( easy for them to say, right?) and worse, by the VP defending his son’s atrocious behavior. There are slick PR professionals everywhere, they can surely afford these services and be trained to at least project an image of humility and the genuine spirit of public service. But the people aren’t stupid. You can’t buy sincerity, and you certainly can’t repair a situation where you obviously threw your weight around, defended your choices and THEN apologize for it after everyone called for your head on a chopping block. This is a family that thinks they can continue acting with impunity – and if you really wanted to be their friend, above being one to your own nation, then you can spare them PR advice. You can instead tell them to take stock of their values, re-learn true respect for other human beings and reflect on their delusions of grandeur. It’s a new world, folks. Can’t hide much anymore, and the only effective PR is truth. No spin, just real kindness, real service, real humility. Like I said, in the case of ths family, it’s too late.

  26. Redtiger says:

    My KABAYANS… This incident should serve as an eye opener to all politicians and to us (Filipinos) as well.

    To Mayor Binay, we have entrusted you to lead us towards a better tomorrow. “Yes” being a Mayor gives you some rights and privileges, but you must always remember that no one is above the law. You should genuinely serve and respect the people on your municipality and not to be feared by your presence, and this goes to all politicians “You should go back to basic”. Start accomplishing your promises and remember why the nations voted for you?

    People don’t need another bitter disappointment.

    Dapat ng palitan ang mga bulok na katulad mo ng umayos naman ang Pilipinas,
    (masyado kasi tayong mapag PATAWAD sa mga corrupt na politician, tayong mga simpleng mamamayan tuloy ang lalong naghihirap, Baguhin na natin ang mga maling pamamaraan, alang-alang sa KINABUKASAN).

    by: OFW in Dubai, UAE

  27. Bert Martinez says:

    I can agree that it was a “lapse of judgment” on his part. He shd have apologized at once. But it is never too late to do so…It’s Christmas folks…enjoy the holidays…

  28. Leo says:

    That’s the same advice some of GMA’s cabinet members gave her during the “Hello Garci” scandal which led her to deliver her infamous “I am sorry” speech. Those same cabinet members later bolted and became known as the “Hyatt 10”. Just like Atty. Topaks, I’ll bet my balls GMA is really sorry she ever listened to those guys. Lol

  29. jo says:

    A crime was commited when the rifle was pointed at someone
    He did not do anything to stop that from happening
    The person responsible should be charged. But again its the Philippines and those are Filipinos not much more can be expected

  30. bayan ko says:

    Junjun has the mentality of a 9yr old. He hasnt grown up. And will never grow up. He was raised by the arrogant corrupt father. Like father like son. I cry for makati residents.

  31. msphilippines says:

    who ever who wrote this i wish those security guards who were pointed finger and guns to are your dad and grand dad, by then simply saying sorry is ok for us 🙂 just saying…

  32. Use this issue against the Binays? Well this is how politics works in this country, it’s not just Binay and Roxas are going to fight in the election arena since Roxas is more arrogant to me than Binay. It is better to have a better candidate to choose then.el

  33. kerwin smith says:

    He is just another Filipino politician from a political family that is used to abusing their power and stealing from the government coffers. they like to push other Filipinos around so they can feel powerful. what he needs is a good bitchslap and impeachment from his office

  34. Walter Might says:

    I personally think your hypothetical apology statement is brilliant. It would work for a hypothetically sincere person. Ah, but there’s the stretch, you see?

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